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The AFC West at the Halfway Point:

It was either ESPNs Prime Time at 7pm Eastern or NBCs Pre-Game on Sunday Night where the hosts spoke about how unpredictable the 4 teams from the AFC West are from week to week.They were talking about who would come out on top of the division at the end of the season & nobody could give a definitive answer.I can't disagree.Before last nights intra-divisional game between the Oakland Raiders & San Diego Chargers you had 3 teams with 4-4 records with the Denver Broncos at 3-5 nipping at their heels.The other 2 teams in this division,Denver & Kansas City meet Sunday at 1pm EST at Arrowhead Stadium in KC.This gives the Chiefs an opportunity to put some serious distance between themselves & the Broncos.
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Posted on: January 23, 2010 8:12 am

Texas is the Root of All Evil

I just finished responding to a message someone had posted concerning the Matthews Jr. trade to the Mets.He spoke a bit on how Matthews came from Texas & posted career highs before signing the deal with the Angels,then after the payday he was a dud.A familiar story around baseball but I wouldn't say prevalent among most of the league.The reason for the title of the blog is if you look at the players that played for the Rangers during the mid-90's a whole hell of a lot of them were caught juicing,or were alleged,leaked or somehow linked to the disgraceful steroid era.The following players I'm not trying to slander but I believe 'Pudge'Rodriguez was named in Canseco's book,Rafael Palmeiro,who as crooked as politicians are,lied & wagged his finger at representatives of the Senate of the Great United States of America in which he wasn't even born in.Alex Rodriguez,SS on the Ranger teams of that era.Juan 'Igor' Gonzalez,OF on the above mentioned teams.Gary Matthews Jr. was caught ordering or accepting an order of HGH.The person who nobody,including me,wanted to believe when he first started publicizing his book,Jose Canseco was very unfortunately proven to be correct about what he exposed.I believe during promotional tours of his book he said he would blow people's minds at how rampant steroids were in MLB in addition to the 'big names' he would be mentioning.Unfortanately,he was correct.BTW what ever happened to Barry Bonds & the criminal charges he faced?Oh,that's right,I believe he got the ol' star treatment.What's sad about this whole situation is these guys were the best of the best;playing professional baseball in the country where the greatest players come to perform.I really hope,as a die-hard baseball fan for as far back as I can remember,that this gets aired out real soon.I don't care what has to be done,even if it means mentioning all the names on the 'list';which I believe would be against the CBA & the agreement of confidentiality,which I firmly believe that a deal is a deal.With the money these players get paid & the scientific technology that allows people that get paid like pro baseball players gain speed,strength,agility through personal trainers,not to mention hiring your own personal chef,professional baseball teams having the best trainers,doctors,facilities to be in peak physical condition is or was there really a need to turn to steroids?
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Posted on: October 8, 2009 7:34 am

What's going on with OF Defense?

In the 4 baseball games I've watched in the last 2 days I've seen an almost identical play happen 3 different times.First incident happens in Det/Min 1 game playoff to decide the winner of the AL Central.A line drive was hit at Tigers left fielder Ryan Raburn by a Twins hitter who made it to 3rd base on the play.That was on Tuesday.On Wednesday,an extremely similar play happened in Game 1 of the Rockie/Phillies series.In the bottom of the 5th inning with Raul Ibanez on 2nd Carlos Ruiz,Philadelphia's catcher hit a liner to Colorado's right fielder Brad Hawpe,he slid but failed to stop the ball from rolling toward the wall behind him.Ruiz stood on second, Ibanez had scored & Hawpe was charged with an error.Lo & behold,in Game 1 of the ALDS;the first playoff game played in the new Yankee Stadium;the same type of play happens that happene in the last 2 games I watched.In the bottom of the 7th inning with Johnny Damon at bat & Derek Jeter on 1st base,Damon hits a ball into right field,sure enough Michael Cuddyer,who was playing right field at the time(the Twins regular first baseman,Justin Morneau is on the Disabled List & out for the rest of the season)instead of 1st base,where in the last month he'd become accustomed to playing,misplays the ball,though the runner held up in case the ball was caught and only advanced to 2nd base,Damon reached on an error.Now I have a theory for why this may have happened in Minnesota.The roof of the Metrodome has historically given trouble to opposing teams defensive players because of its color being the same as a baseball.My theory for why these problems happened in Philadelphia & New York alike is because on the day of those games it was extremely windy.I can vouch for this because even though I veiwed the game in the comfort of a relatives house,I'd been outside earlier in the day & my relative lives halfway between N.Y. & Philly;exactly where the games were played,on the Jersey Coast.The games were also played at an unusual time in both cities,particularly the Philly game,which in some instances caused me to lose track of the ball or the action in general.    

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Posted on: September 24, 2009 4:10 am

Just As I Suspected:

I posted a Blog on the Sunday of week 1 & it had to do with my concerns as to how the Ravens would adapt to losing Head Coach Rex Ryan & some other personnel.I was also curious to see how the Jets would fare with their new Head Coach.To be quite honest so far things have turned out to be somewhat accurate.The Jets turned in 2 impressive games against 2 of the more offensive teams in the league.I would attribute the victory over New England to rust on the part of Brady.I'd even say that Welker going down played a part psychologically as well as schematically.However there's no doubt the Jets sent the Pats a clear message;we ain't the same old Jets anymore.They really took it to,in my opinion,one of the most explosive offenses in the league.Any football fan knows what kind of weapons the Texans have on the offensive side of the ball.Slaton at RB,Johnson(who I heard a professional analyst on TV call the best WR in the game,which I believe is arguably so) at WR,& 2 of the most underrated offensive players in the league,TE Owen Daniels & QB Matt Schaub.As far as the Ravens go I must admit I'm a bit surprised that they,granted after only 2 weeks, have been scored upon the way they have.As I said in my 'pre-season' blog about these two teams,I wouldn't be surprised to see Baltimore slip a little bit,particularly on the defensive side of the ball,but just not to the extent they have in weeks 1 & 2.The Jets,I was pretty sure they'd be improved.  
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Posted on: September 13, 2009 7:35 am

Can Ravens Defense Still Dominate?

Last season at about this time peoples expectations of the Baltimore Ravens success was tempered a little bit.The reason for that was they had just drafted a 1st Rd.pick on a QB,a 2nd Rd.pick on a RB who both came out of east coast colleges with relatively small football programs.One other concern on the minds of Raven fans was leading their team would be a 1st year Head Coach.When all was said and done the Ravens had proved all doubters wrong by going 11-5 and making it to the AFC Championship Game where they faced the eventual Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers.Including the playoffs,they lost a total of 6 games last year;half of those games were to the Steelers.Obviously,being that that was where last year ended,it should also be where this year begins.With that said;the rookie quarterback,his name is Joe Flacco & he answered the bell for every single game last season.The RB that was drafted a round later out of Rutgers is Ray Rice.I personally expected him to be featured more.He played his role,along with 2 other RB's,one being a 6th year veteran out of The U,a.k.a. Miami,Willis McGahee & a 3rd year 260lb Le'Ron McClain who can play RB or FB but will fill the fullback role this year.Speaking of which,can the Ravens make it past their nemisis,the Steelers?The Ravens have had an upsetting trend as of late.They won 11 games in '08,5 in '07,13 in '06,6 in '05.If that continues this won't be a good year in Baltimore.Although I thought it was more,they only lost 3 starters from last season,C Matt Birk will replace Jason Brown who also started all 16 games last year.On the defensive side of the ball,they'll be replacing Chris McAlister with Domonique Foxworth who started 10 games in Atlanta last year.Kelly Gregg is coming off knee surgery that caused him to miss all of last year.Trevor Price is also slated to start,he's an 13 year veteran,Ray Lewis is a 14 year veteran,Samari Rolle who gives them depth & experience in the secondary is also a 12 year vet.They still have the usual suspects like ball-hawking Ed Reed,Dawan Landry is slated to start at the other safety position despite suffering a neck injury in week 2 & ending up the season on I.R.Fabian Washington also provides veteran depth in the secondary.The LBs are considered by most to be the strength of this team,and I agree,which is why I believe the LB coach,Greg Mattison was promoted to Defensive Coordinator & not someone else.Ray Lewis also serves as an on the field coach but the point of this story is he & several others are not getting any younger.They lost who I think is going to be a fantastic addition in S Jim Leonhard along with LB Bart Scott,not to mention last seasons Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan who brings his defensive minded self to New York & new territory.I'm very curious to see how the Raven 'D' & also the Jet 'D' adapt to their current situations.Answers will begin to take shape in several hours.Are you ready for some football!?     
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Pedro Martinez

I'm going to get right to the point! Why is he on a major league roster(that part surprises me),the DL part surprises me for one reason;didn't he have to pass a physical.What I wanted to say when saying "getting to the point" was this sideshow can't pitch anymore or rather hasn't pitched decently in 5,6 years.The Mets wasted a bunch of money on this washed up piece of whatever.He's been nothing more than a 5 inn. pitcher for years.He's been done for the longest.He's a low-life who beats up 70 year old gentlemen.I really can't fathom what would possess Philly to sign this washed up has been.Mark my words and remind me if I should be wrong;he'll spend more calender days on his 2nd home,the DL,than he will on an active roster.I just wished he signed with an AL East team other than The Yankees,so we could beat him like we regularly did reg.season or playoffs;shout out to Grady Little for game 7 in ALCS in'03.You could look up his lifetime rec. vs NYY.I wouldn't be surprised to see his name on the"confidential"list about the juice;or cream as Sheffield & Bonds used or clear.

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Position Depth:

Right now 2B is an extremely deep position.Let me go down the list:Chase Utley,Kaz Matsui is a very,I guess I would say underrated player(you saw what he did in the '07 playoffs),Brandon Phillips whose found his power stroke again,Freddy Sanchez who is a perenial .300 hitter,Richie Weeks,who just went down for the year,has HR power,though as is tradition in Milwaukee strikes out a lot.Orlando Hudson is having a great year with the Dodgers,Felipe Lopez is starting to amp up in the desert,In the American League you've got Aaron Hill swinging a good bat,Brian Roberts with his speed & doubles,Dustin Pedroia is already forming a nice mantle for his awards,Robinson Cano is going to win a batting title one of these years,besides I think he has the strongest arm in the majors for a 2B & is possibly the best at going to his right which is a + with Jeter's declining skills.Iwamura is also known for his glove but don't sleep on his bat or speed.Alexei"The Cuban Missle"Ramirez can play more than just second & has great baseball instincts.Cleveland can put Cabrera;who's been manning SS & hitting extremely well no matter where he plays,DeRosa who can play 2B,SS,3B,OF & is a professional hitter,Alberto Callaspo is playing like a kid possessed in K.C.,Placido Polanco is one of the best #2 hitters in the game(as far as what a #2 hitters job really entails).Seattle has Jose Lopez who quite honestly I'm not familiar with his glove skills but I know he can hit even though his avg. is low right now.Kendrick is another professional on the field & I'm sure in the clubhouse,as well.Is it possible that we might be seeing at the 2B position what we saw at the SS pos. 15 years ago?Let me hear what the rest of you fans out there think. 
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Fantasy Catching Situation

Someone wrote something about Ivan Rodriguez & Kelly Shoppach in relation to their CBS ownership ranks;i.e Rodriguez being 62yrs. old and so on.What I didn't hear them mention is the fact that there is somewhat of a logjam in Cleveland.They just called up Matt LaPorta(highly touted prospect),they have Victor Martinez & Kelly Shoppach to catch also.This is not to mention the fact that Ryan Garko is a 1st baseman with not as good a bat as Martinez who also plays 1st.I'll be honest here;I've not been paying close attention to the Garko/OF & whether that's still going on.If I'm not mistaken,All-DL/DH Travis Hafner is on the shelf again.And just think this is a team that traded Frank Guitierez. 
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