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Posted on: November 16, 2008 4:49 am

Minor Off-season Trade

What was the purpose of trading for Nick Swisher & a pitcher named Texiera for Jhonny Nunez,Jeffrey Marquez,& Wilson Betimit?We lost a couple of minor league pitchers & got one.We also got a player who plays all out from what I've seen of him & lost a player who was a PH/1B-3B with a few years experience.Swisher will play where?1B; that's an upgrade over Giambi? I think not.which OF position? RF means Abreu's (a free-agent) gone.I'm not positive of the configurations of the New Yankee Stadium but if there anything like the old I can't see Swisher in left or center(which is where he played the majority of the games with past teams).I sure hope Giambi doesn't have a repeat performance of '08 in '09,unless of course we get the other Texiera,first name Mark.Are we going to re-sign Matsui & his gimpy knees,I wouldn't if I were in charge.Like most trade's I think we're going to have to find out sometime down the road who got the best of this trade.On a side note ,this may signify the end of Melky's Yankee days & possibly Cano's,as they were good friends with Betimit.The immidiate upside of this trade is the power Swisher showed last year.hopefully he can do it off the bench or as a spot DH which is all I see him as.
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