Posted on: December 23, 2008 10:51 am

Oakland Raiders"The Good,TheBad,&The Ugly"

I don't know how many of you fan's out there are familiar with a kid named Johnny Lee Higgins;don't take my word for it,ask someone who's 'objective'.Position is WR/RS.His strength is when the opposing kicker/punter has the chops to kick it to him.Give him a lane & it's a wrap a good portion of the time.He can also catch the ball a lil' something,too.I can only imagine if we'd held onto LaMont Jordan & Dominic Rhodes to go along with Justin Fargas a/k/a Huggy Bear Jr. & D-Mac.Tell me that doesn't sound like a decent 4-headed running attack.I think so.Now we hear all the time the NFL is a copycat league,my point is this,it's worked for the Giants,it's worked for the Panthers, to say the least,Gruden, who is someone else I wish we still had, has juggled RB's for most of the year(to the detriment of my fantasy team)with success for the team as opposed to individual stats.It's worked for Tennessee,ask Pittsburgh 'bout that whuppin'.Also don't forget about the year(s) Collins had with,not to mention the Panthers in '96 taking them to the Conference Championship Game,the Giants.He can lead them all the way! I've definitely gone off track a little.The Raiders fell behind last year by waiting so long to throw Russell to the wolves.If he'd started the season in '07 as the #1 guy behind center he'd obviously be further along in his development & me personally believes he has some serious skills that will show if he's put in the right situation,in other words a good O-line,a little more depth at wideout,things of that nature.I'm comfortable with a healthy McFadden.The defense is;let me put it this way"improved",however there is still more room.Maybe I haven't seen him enough but & I'm not saying he's no good by any means just that he's a little overrated,Ashomugha.This kid Higgins might be a star!!


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