Posted on: January 23, 2010 8:12 am

Texas is the Root of All Evil

I just finished responding to a message someone had posted concerning the Matthews Jr. trade to the Mets.He spoke a bit on how Matthews came from Texas & posted career highs before signing the deal with the Angels,then after the payday he was a dud.A familiar story around baseball but I wouldn't say prevalent among most of the league.The reason for the title of the blog is if you look at the players that played for the Rangers during the mid-90's a whole hell of a lot of them were caught juicing,or were alleged,leaked or somehow linked to the disgraceful steroid era.The following players I'm not trying to slander but I believe 'Pudge'Rodriguez was named in Canseco's book,Rafael Palmeiro,who as crooked as politicians are,lied & wagged his finger at representatives of the Senate of the Great United States of America in which he wasn't even born in.Alex Rodriguez,SS on the Ranger teams of that era.Juan 'Igor' Gonzalez,OF on the above mentioned teams.Gary Matthews Jr. was caught ordering or accepting an order of HGH.The person who nobody,including me,wanted to believe when he first started publicizing his book,Jose Canseco was very unfortunately proven to be correct about what he exposed.I believe during promotional tours of his book he said he would blow people's minds at how rampant steroids were in MLB in addition to the 'big names' he would be mentioning.Unfortanately,he was correct.BTW what ever happened to Barry Bonds & the criminal charges he faced?Oh,that's right,I believe he got the ol' star treatment.What's sad about this whole situation is these guys were the best of the best;playing professional baseball in the country where the greatest players come to perform.I really hope,as a die-hard baseball fan for as far back as I can remember,that this gets aired out real soon.I don't care what has to be done,even if it means mentioning all the names on the 'list';which I believe would be against the CBA & the agreement of confidentiality,which I firmly believe that a deal is a deal.With the money these players get paid & the scientific technology that allows people that get paid like pro baseball players gain speed,strength,agility through personal trainers,not to mention hiring your own personal chef,professional baseball teams having the best trainers,doctors,facilities to be in peak physical condition is or was there really a need to turn to steroids?
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