Tag:The Black Hole
Posted on: September 21, 2008 7:57 am

Disappointing Rookie RB

For my money the most disappointing rookie RB in '08 is Rashard Mendenhall,Pittsburgh Steelers.I was all set on drafting him when lo & behold the owner 1 spot ahead of me scoops him up.Thank Goodness for that,so far.I read somewhere in 1 of my 4 or 5 preseason magazines preveiwing the NFL that RB's who carry the ball 300 something? times don't produce the stats they produced before?With that said (or read) one can understand why the Steelers drafted Mendenhall when they did.Not using him as at least I expected makes me wonder;are they saving him for when & if Parker breaks down or is he miscast?Minn. was the only team to run more than it threw in the NFC.Buf.,Jac.,Oak.,Pit.,& S.D. ran more often than throw in the AFC.I'm happy I'm not stuck with Mendenhall at least for now.
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